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High tide
Wye bridge

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Chepstow is founded on being the lowest bridging point for the Wye and there has been a bridge of some sort here since Roman times at least. The importance of the bridge is illustrated in a fine display at Chepstow Museum.

The river is the boundary between England and Wales. Earlier bridges even had a toll and customs house in the centre of the bridge. The cost of maintaining this bridge was shared between the two adjacent counties. The Monmouthshire (Welsh) side wisely chose a bridge of stone piers, the penny-pinching English of Gloucestershire favouring one of wood, which collapsed from time to time.

Low tide

By 1816 a stronger and more reliable bridge was needed. After all, this was one of the major carriage routes from England to South Wales. This new bridge was constructed with stone piers and the fine new material of cast iron for its spans.

As may be seen, the Wye's huge tides traverse the full height of the stonework.

Today the bridge forms the backdrop for our festival activities and a fine spot for promenading and photographs.


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