Wikipedia Editathon (Exeter, March 2017)

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Main session

  • How to get started with wikis and Wikipedia
  • How to manage the technology
  • How to manage the cultural and social issues of Wikipedia
  • Choosing which subjects to work on and how to develop content for them
  • Issues which a Womens' Suffrage project is going to encounter most

Break-out sessions

  • A more detailed look at copyright and media resources
  • Sourcing and supporting a project
  • How wikis might also be applied locally, away from Wikipedia

Slides (top-level titles)

Basics of wikis · Culture and community · Editing · Where to find help · Editing career · Notability · Sourcing · Article choices · Copyright · Commons and media · Intranets and self-hosted wikis ·
Basics of wikis
What on earth is a wiki or a Wikipedia? Why are there so many similar words?
  • Why wikis?
  • Wikipedia and the wiki-based encyclopedia
  • Content re-use and the importance of keeping it freely-licensed
Culture and community
It's all about the people, not the computers
  • What's good
  • What's not so good
  • How to keep afloat
The nuts-and-bolts of the technology – and why it's really no big deal
  • Wiki-wiki - it means 'quickly', so keep it that way
  • Editing (the old way)
  • Visual Editor - such a good thing?
  • Article creation
Where to find help
Everything you need to know is out there – Can you find it?
  • Talk pages
  • Big scary noticeboards
  • WikiProjects
  • TLAs
Editing career
Why it's best to learn to edit a little before starting to create from scratch
  • WikiGnomes
  • Article improvement
  • Article creation
  • Article creation in difficult fields
The triumvirate that controls which articles 'stick' on Wikipedia, and how to navigate it
  • WP:N
  • WP:RS
  • WP:V
Where to find appropriate supporting media to build a robust article
Article choices
The effort to produce an article depends a lot on its subject.
  • What works
  • What's difficult
  • Defending the difficult
Something that Wikipedia takes hugely seriously
  • "Freely licensed"
  • Licensed material
  • Creative Commons
  • Public domain material
  • International issues
Commons and media
Why is there a Wikimedia Commons? Why is it separate?
  • Commons as a shared resource
  • Using Commons
  • How Commons is different to Wikipedia
  • Contributing to Commons
Intranets and self-hosted wikis
A wiki is for life, not just for Wikipedia
  • Wikis as office organisers
  • Wikis as sandboxes
  • Wikis on laptops
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