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Waltz on the Wye
This page was written for the 2011 festival.
Sites updates for 2012
are under way!

Waltz on the Wye is Wales' first Steampunk and neo-Victorian weekend festival.

Steampunks are fans of Victorian Science-Fiction who think that the world is a better place with a few more cogs, gears and Time Machines in it. They'll be promenading through Chepstow in all their finery during the day, then polishing up their goggles for Saturday evening's Waltz on the Wye Cabaret and Ball .

The festival is on the weekend of 13th-15th May 2011. It opens with a barbecue and Magic Lantern show, followed by music. Daytime events on the Saturday include the steampunk market, the Contraptions Exhibition, games and more music, including Chepstow Town Band. Saturday evening promises an event of cabaret and our headline band, Rogora Khart, Georgian gypsies from New Portograd. Sunday is a little more genteel, a time for tea and a cruise on the river Wye.


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