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Wales' Loveliest Steampunk Festival returns for its second year.

Waltz on the Wye was Wales' first Steampunk and Neo-Victorian weekend Festival.

We're holding a second event over the weekend of 18th-20th May 2012.



26 September 2012
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We won't be running Waltz in 2013

We started Waltz in 2011 as a one-off event. We just wanted to bring a steampunk event to Wales and the South West.

A Jolly Good Time was had by all. So much so that we decided to run it for a second time.

Waltz was never intended to be a yearly event though. We feel that we've achieved what we set out to do: we've brought a really rather lovely steampunk event to Chepstow. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves.


Charity Raffle

29 June 2012

Just found out we raised £327.01 for Severn Area Rescue Association at this years Waltz on the Wye!

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, donated raffle prizes and stuck money in the tins!


Waltz 2012

22 May 2012

So Waltz on the Wye is over for this year! We hope you all had a super time, from all the comments I've heard and seen I think that you did. We were so pleased with all our wonderful acts, urchins, traders, speakers, contraptors and splendidly dressed guests! Thank you once again for making Waltz what it is, Lovely.



16 May 2012Timeline is now up! Though there may still be changes to the schedule.

Also available is The Event page which gives you on overview of what's happening in a bit more detail  

The Life of the Air Kraken

7 April 2012

The Life of the Air Kraken, the first book in a series of guides for steampunks, anachronists, adventurers et al will be launched at Waltz on the Wye this coming May!

Written by the inimitable James Richardson-Brown and illustrated by Arfon Jones. Pre-order or pick up your copy from their stall at Waltz on the Wye!

Sydeian Creations - the website of James Richardson Brown  


3 May 2012
Curious Case poster.jpg

The Curious Case: A Working Title

A satirical celebration of melodrama, absurdity and all things Steampunk. Expect Mysterious Ladies, Moustachioed Villains, Air Kraken, Purposeless Goggles and more!

Venue: 12 noon, Sunday, The White Lion

Toybox Theatre

29 April 2012

Waltz on the Wye present the fabulous Toybox Theatre who will be roaming around on their giant tandem tricycle pumping out show time tunes of jazz, swing and electro blues from their pedal-powered over-sized gramophone and their own clockwork lungs during Saturday daytime!

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