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Chepstow. Many shops, but today it's lacking in Steampunks to buy things

These pages are intended for local traders in Chepstow.

Waltz on the Wye festival will bring over 200 people to Chepstow over the weekend of 18th-20th May 2012.

As with any tourists, they will be staying in your B&Bs, eating in your cafes and restaurants, spending money in your shops and having a tipple in your pubs.

Steampunks are generally a well-dressed, polite and friendly bunch who come from various backgrounds and age groups. They'll be drawn from all over the country, maybe a few from beyond, and will represent whole new visitors to Chepstow.

If you as a trader feel you can in anyway contribute to making the weekend of 18th-20th May 2012 work even better, please contact us!


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