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Waltz on the Wye
This page was written for the 2011 festival.
Sites updates for 2012
are under way!
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Hello! and welcome to Waltz on the Wye : Wales' first Steampunk Festival

The event spanned the weekend 13th-15th May 2011.

This event pack contains vital information such as a map of Chepstow, Festival event times, Treasure Hunt clues, etc.

Depending on which ticket you have purchased, you will be provided with a dedicated wrist band. Please put this on immediately so it doesn't get lost as this is what will allow you access to the parts of the festival your ticket provides.

The festival itself is based mainly in the lower part of Chepstow by the River Wye. The main venues are the Drill Hall, the Riverside Gardens and Bandstand and Chepstow Castle.

We highly suggest parking in Castle Dell car park, as the Drill Hall car park will probably be very busy.

Toilets are available in the Castle Dell car park, the Drill Hall and Riverside Gardens. They all have disabled facilities.

Weaponry : we understand the Steampunk weaponry is a popular part of steampunk outfits. However, Chepstow Castle and the Riverside Gardens are publicly accessed areas and replica weapons can cause alarm, so please be careful. We have discussed this issue with the local Police. If you are particularly proud of your armoury, then we would happily display it in the Contraptions Exhibition

No weapons will be allowed in the Ball.

Welcome Barbeque

This will be held by the Bridge Inn. There is a variety of barbeque food for most diets. The barbeque is open from 5pm til they sell out of food. Alternative food onsite is via the Strumpets with Crumpets.

Drinks can also be purchased from the Bridge Inn to be consumed in the Riverside Gardens. Please try to take your empties back to the pub.

Magic Lantern show

Authentic Magic Lantern show from the Travelling Light Magic Lantern Company.

This begins 8pm sharp! in the Drill Hall on Friday evening. Length is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Mechanised Market

The market is open from 10.30am til 4.30pm Saturday and 11.00am til 3.00pm Sunday in the Drill Hall. Please make an effort to visit all the stalls, as many have travelled far distances to show you their steamy wares!

Talks and Workshops

There are various talks and workshops, listed below with times (times may be subject to change on the day). They will all be held in the Drill Hall.

Wales the Land Of Airships SUNDAY 11.30AM

Gwilym Games will be discussing how Wales played a pioneering role in airship design and was also the location of a strange and shocking wave of phantom airship sightings just about 100 years ago. This informative lecture will be fully illustrated with pictures of various aerial craft.

Arthur Machen and The Science of Terror SATURDAY 11.30AM

Arthur Machen, born in nearby Caerleon almost 150 years ago, has been admired by authors as diverse as H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson and Alan Moore. Gwilym Games, Editor of Machenalia for the Friends of Arthur Machen, will discuss Machen's terrifying and fantastic tales and if he can be seen as the first Welsh steampunk author. He will also explore how the countryside of Gwent influenced his work, and how he created the incredible fable of The Angels of Mons in the First World War.

Writers' Workshop by The Governess SATURDAY 2.30PM

An interactive session by a publised writer to include: Who else is a writer? Why do we write? What do we write?,So what makes writing steampunk?, Research & the science stuff; how far do you go? ,Who are we writing for? and Getting published

an alternative finishing school SATURDAY 12.45PM

James Richardson-Brown is a well known writer (best known as the creator of The Sydeian Coalition steampunk/science fiction series)and contraptor in the Steampunk scene and even has his own Wikipedia entry!

History and Technology of Gunpowder SUNDAY 2.00PM

The Cursing Chemist is a highly intelligent and highly grumpy chemist. As well as manning Wyatt Nerf's Shootin' Shack, the Chemist will be holding a talk on Sunday afternoon on his favourite subject!

Victorian Mesmerism (May Cause Some Side Effects) by Darkshines SUNDAY 12.30PM

An introduction to Mesmerism from it's incarnation in France to it's inevitable decline in Victorian England, focussing on the unusual, outrageous and sometimes plain made up (sounding) side effects of the bizarre practise taken from true historical accounts.

Contraptions Exhibition

The Contraptions Exhibition is based in the old pantry in Chepstow Castle. Access to the castle is usually £4, however we have been able to organise a deal with Cadw that will allow free access via your wristbands. We would be grateful if as part of this you would spread the word how lovely Chepstow Castle is!

The Contraptions Exhibition is open Saturday 9.30-5pm and Sunday 9.30 - 3pm.

There will be signs pointing towards the exhibit, but please take the opportunity to explore this wonderful monument aswell.

Chepstow Castle has one mobility scooter available to borrow.

We warmly welcome your items to be exhibited, so please bring ithem along before 10am on Saturday -straight to the pantry for a space!

There will be an award for most popular contraption, voted for by you the public!

Wyatt Nerf's Shootin' Shack

The Shootin Shack is based in the Riverside Gardens, is open Saturday and Sunday and is manned by the Cursing Chemist. Please have a visit and have a go at shooting down the enemy balloons and martians!

It costs 20p a go, which goes to charity.

Highest scores of the day wins the coveted medal!

Rivets on the River Boat Trip

Most tickets have been promised, however there may be last minute drop outs -so if you are still interested then contact event control.

If you are booked on the trip, please meet outside The Boat Inn at 4.15pm on Saturday. The boat leaves at 4.30pm. The trip will be approximatley 1 hour long (though it last slightly longer due to tidal issues). Sensible footwear advised.

Costume Competition

As so many of you have put lots of effort into looking fabulous, we thought it only right to have a costume competition/fashion show!

This will take place in the Riverside Gardens around 12pm. If you would like to enter please go to the Bandstand at 11.45am with a prepared short description of your outfit/character/inspiration which will be read out while you take to the stage!

Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is a great way to explore Chepstow and see some of it's unusual sights. Anyone can enter the Treasure Hunt.There is a form for the hunt in this welcome pack. If you don't have a pen or pencil, then please go to event control and borrow one from our special supply!

Follow the instructions and try to answer as many questions as possible. Entries need to be in by 3.45pm on Saturday .There will be a box at Event Control for your entries. Winner to be announced 4.25pm in the Drill Hall the same day -so if you want to win the treasure then get going! The prize will be awarded for the entry with the most correct answers. If there is more than one same highest score, then the winner will be pulled from a hat!

Waltz on the Wye Cabaret and Ball

The Ball opens at 7.30pm on Saturday. Entertainment begins at 8pm. Your compere for the evening is the lovely Lily Belle.

On entry you can be photographed by our in-house photographer. If you like your picture, you will have the option to buy a printed copy that evening for a small cost.

Please note the bar is cash only. Thank you.

As with all indoor venues, the Drill Hall is a no smoking venue.

Carriages at midnight. The Drill Hall is in a residential area, so all efforts to leave quietly are appreciated.

Expedition to England

The Expedition to England is going to be a splendid chance to experience real opera up close and personal in The Worlds Smallest Opera House!. Your host is Baritone Karl Daymond, who has appeared with the major British opera companies and in many opera houses throughout Europe and in the USA.

The expedition is on Sunday, meet up 12.45 by the Bandstand.

It is approximately a 15 minute, gently uphill walk to our destination. Picnicking is encouraged! There are some chairs and tables available, but again is you bring a blanket then you know you definatley have a seat! There is a toilet available for use.

If you are unable to walk, but are keen to come-then there is some limited car parking.

The trip will probably last around 1 hour.


Our raffle is being run for the Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal.

Tickets are £1 each and the raffle will be drawn on Sunday at approx 3pm in the Drill Hall. Mobile numbers and names can be written on tickets for those unable to be present at the draw.


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