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This is the ticket for children from 8 to 17. If your 16+ teenager complains, explain to them what a salutory lesson in economics this is.

This ticket does include the Morgan and West, Time Travelling Magicians show, which is worth the ticket price all on its own!

Mother Dear,
Do please say that we may go
to the Waltz on the Wye

Owing to licensing issues with the venue for the main Waltz on the Wye Cabaret and Ball , we can't allow children (by which we mean under-18s) in there.

Children thus only require a half ticket (i.e. the non-Ball ticket) and so we're offering these at a reduced rate. We expect that most adults will be attending the Ball, and so it's mostly children who will require these tickets anyway.

Price: £10

Day tickets

If you're only at the festival during the day and can't attend the Morgan and West, Time Travelling Magicians show, then a day ticket for children is even cheaper - they're free!


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