Chepstow Railway Bridge

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Chepstow Railway Bridge

Links: Chepstow Railway Bridge (Wikipedia)
The pillars remaining today
The original bridge, as constructed

Designed by Brunel (Huzzah!) in 1852, the bridge was an unusual design to an unusual site. A large bridge for its day and needing to be very high to clear both shiping and the high tides of the River Wye, it also had to span between a cliff on one side and a low bank on the other. With no foundations to support an arch, Brunel's solution was an iron tubular girder truss.

The bridge lasted successfully for over a hundred years, but was removed in the 1960s to allow a stronger truss to be installed, on the same cast iron pillars. These pillars can still be seen today, just a short walk past the Boat Inn.

Beneath the bridge today is the Severn Princess, one of the boats of the Aust Ferry that crossed the River Severn before the Severn Bridge was built.


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